Oval Turquoise Bangle

Oval Turquoise Bangle


2.5 mm Sterling Silver bangle with 10 x 14 mm Turquoise cabochon, made to order. 


Turquoise can range in colour from a bright, pale blue to a greenish blue. The 'Matrix' in this Chinese Turquoise Matrix refers to the mineral in which the turquoise gemstone has formed, a remnant of which is visible as dark, spider web-like veins running through the gemstone. Please note that, due to the nature of the stone, individual patterns will vary.


Turquoise is the December birth stone. It is believed to be a holy stone and used for getting rid of negative energy. The brightness of the colour is said to be the symbol for happiness and is also believed to increase a person’s self-confidence.


Please be aware that all stones may vary slightly, but I will match them as closely to the picture as possible.


**This is a Hallmarked bangle therefore the dispatch time may be slightly delayed, email me to find out the current time scale.**


Packaged in a dainty blue organza gift bag and a blue dotty paper packet. With a milk chocolate silver heart.  

Size - Inside Diameter

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