Product Care

Helping to take care of your jewellery - some general guidelines and do's & don'ts


  • Add jewellery last when dressing

  • Store carefully to avoid tangling and scratching

  • Handle with care and patience

  • Check fasteners periodically for wear and tear

  • Clean regularly with a Silver polishing cloth to prevent discolouring



  • Wear when bathing

  • Wear in bed

  • Wear when exercising

  • Wear when doing housework, D.I.Y., Gardening etc.

  • Allow direct contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotions, foundations etc.

  • Use abrasive cleaners on jewellery


Sterling silver is one of the precious metals with a natural characteristic to tarnish, wearing the jewellery regularly will decrease the chances of this happening. If your silver should tarnish it can easily be restored. To remove the tarnish clean with a silver polishing cloth or fluid.

Should it tarnish heavily (been kept in a jewellery box for a long period of time) you can use a silver polishing dip. Please always read the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the product before using.


The dips can be very effective at removing the tarnish from your jewellery, but please be very careful and aware that they can remove colour and polish from gemstones. It’s a good rule not to place any jewellery with stones, or gemstones in the dip as it is not worth the risk and there is a high chance of ruining your item of Silver.

Any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.