Size Guide

Unsure of your ring size?
To enable me to make an accurate fit I need your ring size. If you live near to me I am happy to measure your ring size for you. Or another option is to go into a local jewellery shop where they will identify your ring size free of charge.
Pandora Size Conversion
48-     H 1/2 - I 1/2
50-    J - K 
52-    L-L1/2
54-    M 1/2 - N 1/2
56-    O-P
58-     P1/2 - Q 1/2
60-     R 1/2 - S
When ordering a ring please 'Add note to seller' on the check out page and state the Pandora size if known. This will allow me to make an accurate sized ring. 
Ring Size Chart 
Bangle sizing
Again if you live near to me your welcome to try some of my current stock on for size. 
There are 3 options for bangle sizes when purchasing through my website. If the options are inadequate, and you are after a smaller or larger bangle please 'Add note to seller' on the check out  and specify the correct inside diameter you would like. 
Small  6 - 6.2 cm Inside Diameter
Medium 6.3- 6.5 cm  Inside Diameter
Larger 6.7 - 7 cm Inside Diameter
The medium bangle option is an average size.
Measuring a Bangle Diameter
If you have a bangle which is already the perfect size i can match it. When measuring the inside diameter, place your bangle at the start of a ruler at the widest point and try and be as accurate as possible when reading the measurement. Measure to the exact mm. See photo below for example.